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Monday, June 28, 2010

What a girl thinks..........

To love someone!
It’s really hankering but a bit difficult for a girl to accept it.
Once she accepted then things changes. But sometimes after a long period of time when she is sitting alone, she thinks------
When she loves someone
She loves him by all her ways.
She adores him,
She cares for him,
She pampers him,
She gives up her whole life truly for him,
She trusts him,
She listens him,
She wishes him,
‘Coz she loves him…
She allows him to rule over her emotions and control them.
She allows him to be at that summit which is parallel to her ego.
She allows him to be the master of her dignity and decorum.
In the end she finally forgets who she to make her ‘LIFE’ beautiful is.
LIFE-----This starts and ends upon him.
But time is so cruel and the guy is actually a ‘MEN’
And ‘MEN’ never feel what a woman can.
He breaks up her trust.
Not only once, may be it’s twice…
May be thrice…
Or may be…
But still life goes on
Her love for him never faded by the setting sun of life.
Though she never knows that she is now---
Nothing in his life.
‘Coz what makes her feels special in his life…
That reason is ruined for lifetime.
She cries,
She dies,
She hurts,
She moan,
But finally…….
She compromise
That’s Girl.

this is the song which reflect the true glimpse of emotions,love and sacrifice.