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hello every1... I am Arpita Sharma, frnz use to call me avani.Brief intro of mine is here ;);) writer by choice, engineer by destiny, philanthropist by nature bt narcissist by habit :P ;) photographer in my never dying dreams ;) ;) damn talkative bt still unknown to known people... :) :) In a nut shell u can defined me as- Far From The 'MOODY CROWD', Anyway Its A Mad Mad Mad World.....


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vo roothe hue se!!

Vo kabhi mante nahi
ham jo kehten hain unse.

Vo reh jaaten hain sawaloon ke lashkar main.
Fir bhi niruttar.
Vo kehna chahte hain hamse
Dhoondhtein hain samay sahi avsar ka……
Nahi jante ki unki ek baat ki raah main
Shayad baarson lag jaayen.
Vo chah ke bhi keh na paye hamse…..
yoon keh lijiye
Unhone chaha hi nahi….
Shyad vo darten hai….
Vo inkaar karten hain ,lekin ye sach hai ki vo dartein hai….
Dartein hain ki …..
Vo shaqs jo un k dil k kareeb hai….
Bas kahin gum na ho jaye…
Gum hone ka matlab vo anumaanit kaarten hai……..
Vo shaqs jinki unhe aadat hai,vo jiski baton main asthayi samay bhi ruka sa lagta hai….
Jiski baton k aage shayad vo “vachaspati” nirrutar ho jaten hai......
Yun keh lijiye bas ki vo isi gardish main hai…

"Ab to pyar kar hi liya bas paar bhi ho jayen ham" !!
This article is dedicated to someone who make me real ARPITA SHARMA.
My counsellor,my guide,my friend with whom i can fight like an enemy,one who always intoxicates me.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It’s the time when a person remembers his own days…..Time when he proud on himself……Proud on his efforts……Proud on the diversity in which he toiled hard to make his men exactly what he wants him to be…..Now it’s time for just enjoying the fruits of his hard work……Time for just mingle himself in the true flavor of life……Time for-once again taste the bitterness of his past through his men’s life……Time for just laughing on his past deeds……Time for teaching the lessons to his men’s for their folded mysterious life……Time for make sure that his men’s never be at stake at any position of life……Time to be again a new boy…Time to be again a new beginning with your dear once……It’s time for again become the HERO……‘Coz he efforts’ a lot along with his twin soul
To be at this stage...Actually he never did anything for the sake of tasting the SWEET fruits…But he always dedicate his life to make his fruit
This is what life is!

It’s the only time when his MEN’S must also proud on him…
Proud to be a disciple of such saint which always wins his family life over his apotheosis in such a
Ordained way……Proud to be the part of the chord which has been originated with him……Proud on the identity which he has given to you MEN’S!This is what the results of the lessons taught by HIM!
Let’s all be hat’s off on the authenticity of life!!!

this article is dedicated to my NANAJI.I have not yet told him that I have written an article for him.