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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Providential LOVE of-----A 'n' K

A convivial evening. An evening which simply reflects the glimpse of lives, bond of love, respect. A sensation which is beyond words and also having relaxed feelings of life mingled up with many duties, flavoured up with many excitements.

In Lakshman Park, near durga temple children are playing. The feeling of innocence unknowingly reflects from their faces which makes the surrounding much pious. Two sisters are busy in sharing their thoughts with each other and they are there with their mother. Suddenly their mother says to them---RITUJA and AVANI, today we would go to MR.SHARMA’S house so be ready by 6 o’clock. “Yes mom, we will”-replied RITUJA the elder of the two sisters. She is working with WIPRO earning 6-lakhs/annum and AVANI is pursuing B.Tech from renowned college.

RITUJA is a smart, self confident girl. She is very straight forward and sometimes hard like a rock but her nature is just an example of pious coconut which is hard from out shell but sweet and really very soft by inner soul. She is very caring for her younger sister AVANI. She loves her a lot.                                                              

On contrary AVANI- A girl who is basically calm in nature, a deep thinker, not exactly but a bit philosophical, a girl who usually never blames anyone. A girl who has deep desire for her future. She never expresses her real inner self – as she realizes that no one is there to listen her. She never shares her endless emotions with anyone as she has not yet found such a person. She never discloses her deep secrets which simply depicts what according to humanity is. Because she is still in search of that type of person who simply gives moral support to her. A kind of a person who doesn’t play the role of a master but a counselor, who makes everything as smooth and pure like a running Ganges. His touch should simply reflect the glimpse of care and affection. He would be caring and trustworthy ‘coz AVANI is a kind of a girl who is far beyond the word LUST. She doesn’t want herself to be knotted in anything which is beyond human empowerment means appreciably no demarcation between men and women, still her thoughts are itself the sign of INDIAN MYTHOLOGY.

Now it’s already 5:30, and both RITUJA and AVANI are in their room. They are about to be ready “It was a wonderful dinner, isn’t it?” AVANI asked while returning. Mr.VIJAYENDRA, his father nodded his head in affirmation and after returning to home everyone went to bed.

p.s.-This story is my first creation when i was in second year.I wrote this for ENIGMA'08 (our college tech fest).And read its 2nd part for the college life of Avani.How she met with her true love?thier college routine and many more..

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey pals,listen to the rain
The blowing wind, the thunder, the storm.
See, that is the place where sun rises.
Hey my little brother itz obviously an EAST!!!
Listen dear…….
Listen to mountain….
The never dying fresh smiles of clouds….
They are fresh….
Reflection of queen of peace...Searching for the place where it can take some rest…..
Always in peace…
Queen asks to GOD..
O’ FATHER here YOURS residence…..
But what about the fakeness it’s also in ur family(known by human beings as a universe!)
Are they guest in your universe?….
Are they ?
Again n again she asked about that question…..
Life so tough..
I m there to make people happy and relaxed....
they refused to accept me....
I said 'I am GOD'S daughter'.
they replied 'WHOSE'?
there r 4 main sections in which GOD'S are divided...
Whose your father?
She simply smiled and said----
"I don't belive that my father has this much power to divide himself into 4 parts."
you people are lucky that you love and praise my FATHER quadruplet.
I will rest in your heart.
I will rest in your mind.
pampers you.


You understand the truth ------
All 4 are the identities of my one Father,not unique but uniquely understood......

p.s.---this article is very close to my heart 'cz before posting it m in a dilemma whether it make any sense or not and i was not able to complete it jab main ise likh rahi thi....
but finally itz all infront of u my loving readers..

Tribute To Life

dear Lord ! shower your blessings upon us. 

Times slips too fast to catch.
Tomorrow-soon it will be a next a year.
We fail to see your presence,your existence.
We are so much occupied with the surroundings.
With what a person next to us responds.
With upshots in life,with the surroundings.
We walk in hassle.we talk in hurry.
We see only only a few things in our life.
That 'few' gradually becomes oneself.
We are busy with our prioities
Busy with our never dying moods.
We never fail to judge peoples but
Fail to understand them.
We find the solutions in questions but
Never realizes-that question is itself an answer.
For us life is too short.
but fail to understand life never shortens with the course of time.
Life never dies.
We count on fingers,uses our brain.
Heart is saying 'use me'.
But for us it is a 'tag line' of dustbin.

Oh Lord ! some one just told me that you exist..........
I asked how ,they fail to answer.
Oh Lord !.....
You said glass is half full but we discover glass is half empty.
You said 'Love', we discover some of them.
You said 'Challenge', we discover failures.
You said 'Happiness', we discover 'for how long?'
You said 'I am with you', we discover destiny.
You said 'Have patience', we discover tears.
You said 'Optimism', we discover luck.
Oh Lord !

I prayed once----lord please make me different....
He pampers-you are similar to every next person sitting to you but
have some qualities.not uniue but uniquely understood....
I replied-----hmmmmmm...

Life is not what we see, it's what we percieve.
I may not be the person of your choice but I may be of your some use.
I may not look so pretty but i love myself alot.
and I always pray to God please be with me 'hamesha'.
I promise to love You, your nature,your people,
your surroundings,your decisions,your existence within me.
I Love You hamesha......
                                                                          ARPITA SHARMA
p.s.----12 march, it's my b'day 2day.I want to share a fact that this article i have denoted to the children of orphanage CHILDREN'S NATIONAL INSTITUTE of Allahabd. I visited to them today with my roommate.And to read more you must read my next article 12 march 1990.