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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey pals,listen to the rain
The blowing wind, the thunder, the storm.
See, that is the place where sun rises.
Hey my little brother itz obviously an EAST!!!
Listen dear…….
Listen to mountain….
The never dying fresh smiles of clouds….
They are fresh….
Reflection of queen of peace...Searching for the place where it can take some rest…..
Always in peace…
Queen asks to GOD..
O’ FATHER here YOURS residence…..
But what about the fakeness it’s also in ur family(known by human beings as a universe!)
Are they guest in your universe?….
Are they ?
Again n again she asked about that question…..
Life so tough..
I m there to make people happy and relaxed....
they refused to accept me....
I said 'I am GOD'S daughter'.
they replied 'WHOSE'?
there r 4 main sections in which GOD'S are divided...
Whose your father?
She simply smiled and said----
"I don't belive that my father has this much power to divide himself into 4 parts."
you people are lucky that you love and praise my FATHER quadruplet.
I will rest in your heart.
I will rest in your mind.
pampers you.


You understand the truth ------
All 4 are the identities of my one Father,not unique but uniquely understood......

p.s.---this article is very close to my heart 'cz before posting it m in a dilemma whether it make any sense or not and i was not able to complete it jab main ise likh rahi thi....
but finally itz all infront of u my loving readers..


  1. dunno wat to say after reading this... quite perplexed...!!

  2. @dhawal:i don't knw dear wat to say bt may be this time m nt well in my writing bt may be next time all of u may get something out of my creations...

  3. kool yar saviiiiiiiiiiii
    a real nice prose:)

    learning a lot frm u guyz...........

  4. @shashank:tahnks a million sha-2 for visiting my blog..and make me feel proud...
    tkcr always n may God bless you always..