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hello every1... I am Arpita Sharma, frnz use to call me avani.Brief intro of mine is here ;);) writer by choice, engineer by destiny, philanthropist by nature bt narcissist by habit :P ;) photographer in my never dying dreams ;) ;) damn talkative bt still unknown to known people... :) :) In a nut shell u can defined me as- Far From The 'MOODY CROWD', Anyway Its A Mad Mad Mad World.....


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meri Roomy

25 most used sentences by my room-mate.

1-APPYYYYY(my nick name)
2-APPUUUU(my another nick name)
3-Mar denege mar jaaogi.(when she's irritated by my talks.)
4-Kaat ke phenk denge.(As above)
5-Psyco lag rai hai.he he ha ha ha..
6-Paani.. (bechari pyaasi aatma)
7-Khana khane chalen??
8-(at dinner time when we use to gather to go to have food together.)Main jaa rai hun...tm yahin rehnaaa...!!! Chalo Shruti!!!
9-Ankur Pyaaraaaa...
10-Aaj gaurav aur shruti ki bahaut li gayi college main...
11-Aaj gaurav ki bahaut li gayi college main...
12-************************************-sorry readers dis content can't be written here...
13-he he he he ha ha ha ha ha
14-Geeta aur Ajeet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15-Hostel ke logon se dukhi bechari meri roomy kabhi kabhi to----ye koi baat nhe hoti hai....
16- Kaajal
17-I just love this song...
18-Tm gawaar ho ekdm....
20-Facebook-ye ek aisa word hai jo bechaari sapne main bhi bolti hai...
21-usually i prepare maggie..mjhe thodi gili maggie pasand hai aur use suki...this is the reaction after seeing the maggie-----PHIR SE PAANI??????
22-Agli baar se maggie main banaungi--(aaj tak muhurat nai aaya to kya hua bt kehti to hai kam hai kya)
23-In winters--appy heater(jab heater ka wire nikal jata hai)
24-Agr jaldi so jaye dn----appy light band kar dun???tm man ki aankhon se padh lena...
25-WOOFER.....(she's in a habit of listenning fast and rocking songs dat too zor zor se baja k..)

p.s.--we guys are roommates from first year and we are lucky cz ham hi dono first yr se aaj final yr tak roommates hain...we are very good friends first and then roommates.we are compatible with each other at every pahse of our daily routine either itz secret sharing or huge fight...love u dear...take care hamesha...
may god bless u my dear...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Is God ?


these are some videos from GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH site.I hope you may all like it and come to know more about GOD.He's within us,omnipotent.

my thought-----I think GOD can give us only 4 things-peace, purity, love & energy. Our family, friends, teachers, science, arts,everything and everyone with whom we met are the different different faces of all these 4 things.

p.s.---I pray to almighty that bless every one in this world, I don't have any explanation to YOU(GOD) why? but bless every one with your powers.


I am not saying that-
I'll not cry.

I am not saying that-
I'll not blame to GOD.

I am not saying that-
I'll not make my self more aloof.

I am not saying that-
I find it as the end of my dreams.

I am not saying that-
I'll not find myself guilty that i have never met with an expectations of my family.

I am not saying that-
I'll not think that i have wasted my 4 years of career.

I am not saying that-
I'll not think that am a most unlucky person on this earth.


I will also say that----

I love my family members most.
I love to be loved although I am a failure.
I again try for my dreams.
I know somewhere HE(GOD) is listening to my prayers.
I know it's a lack of my preperation.
I again dream.
I again longed for my dreams.
I again madly sought after my childhood dream.
I again make flying aeroplanes.
I dream big  & aim high.
I am not that much bad looking girl so that i condemn myself badly.
I talk to myself.
I am not the person who has faced all the problems.There are many more who faced worse than me still they are happy and keep on trying--then why shouldn't I ?

p.s.--"life is all about moving towards the fututre with full speed , without looking back" - SHAH RUKH KHAN.