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Saturday, January 1, 2011

"2010 Of Mine"

2010 is about to go.I am sitting alone,busy watching the rain outside the window pane and feel the freshness of memorable december.I must say 2010 bought a drastic change in every one's life according to their situations.Everybody had learned something from this year.

I have learnt many things------

JANUARY-This is the year which taught me the value of love. One must be in the moment in which he is,else when you realises it will be too late.

FEBRUARY-I realise what's the result of slow and steady preperation. What's the importance of putting your
heart and soul to your aim.

MARCH-The result of hard work always pays alot. Again feel the existence of myself on this lively planet.

APRIL-God does everything for good & destiny plays a strong role in one's life.

MAY-The parting ceremony arrives. Wet eyes,half hearted but still happy 'coz 'khush-hun'.

JUNE-The most memorable trip to 'vindhyachal'. Quite hectic but amongst my choicest moments.

JULY-Finally registered for final year.

AUGUST-Drastic change made by college students to college infrastructure but lost someone!:( + received my training certificate from I.I.T. Kanpur.

SEPTEMBER-Enjoyed my most 'PSYCO' friend's b'day. ha ha ha ha ha ha.........

OCTOBER-Life teaches me the value of it's own.There's some one who rules the whole universe.

NOVEMBER-Happy to be with my family members and learned how to face the situations.

DECEMBER-SEM!!+memories of my past.Love to be the part of this incredible planet.

                                             my eyes are wet, heart is filled.
                                             it's raining inside and outside.
                                             air is fresh cold and calm.
                                      loving gestures of life seems to be rude.
                               walking alone with myself only and finally saying----

aankhon main umeedon ke kuch ho sapne,aanchal naman ka ho tan-man pe apne,
raatein ho gehri to kya...aata hai aakhir ek din naya!!!!!

p.s.--I have written this article on 31st dec 2010. I would like to share my year with you readers. I really thankful to GOD that He has blessed me with such a nice family members,friends,country,world. Life is adorable it's in a real sense our GOD,TEACHER,FRIEND,COUNSELOR, everything.