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hello every1... I am Arpita Sharma, frnz use to call me avani.Brief intro of mine is here ;);) writer by choice, engineer by destiny, philanthropist by nature bt narcissist by habit :P ;) photographer in my never dying dreams ;) ;) damn talkative bt still unknown to known people... :) :) In a nut shell u can defined me as- Far From The 'MOODY CROWD', Anyway Its A Mad Mad Mad World.....


Friday, September 9, 2011

खुदा की मोहब्बत

खुदा ने हमे ज़िन्दगी बख्शी, और ग़मों के जेवरात पहनाये |
कौन कहता है उसे हमसे मोहब्बत नहीं ||

p.s.- This is the first guest post to my blog.These two lines have been written by my friend AVANISH KUMAR.He is an awesome writer and poet. I am I am obliged to place them in my blog.

p.p.s- I don't know whether any comments are given to this post or not but from my deep core of heart i really thanks AVANISH to feel my blog as a worthy place where he can put his thoughts preserved.Thanks AVANISH fr my first guest post.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coffee Mug

3:00 A.M.

I wake up at 2:50 A.M. just 10 min before writing this article. I prepared cold coffee for me so that i can fight the battle against 'neend' (the biggest 'dushman' of my student life, just joking 'coz neend is the only one with whom i use to fall in love again n again.. :P )

When I was preparing the coffee suddenly I saw a CUP given by my friend cum room mate during my B.Tech days....Wow such a lovely cup it is..

Description of CUP : It's made up of glass fitted in steel body (just to give a designer look..)
                                 (agar yeh cup koi dress hota toh may be amongst the choicest collection of Ritu Beri or Manish Mehlotra..)

Description of my roomy : It's a bad manner to describe any girl publicly like this :P :P :P 
(just joking...)
In simple words--- 'JAMWANT' (story behind this name is very comic. may be shared with you all in one of my coming posts..) 

CUP's Owner : The great girl named 'APPY' (main hi hun yaar.. don't get confused ! !)
                       (  [Huge round of applauds.. :-) :-) :P :P ] now itz ok ....stop clapping guys. )
when she was giving me that designer cup then i felt like the winner of olympics or any mega international event, who get a cup after winning any race or task... :P :P :P

aahhh!!! How much happy I was after receiving such an honourable cup given by such an intelligent girl-my roommate....(i use 'such' word twice coz both CUP and JAMWANT are like a prashaad in my life one given by 2nd and 2nd given by destiny... :P :P :P)

+VE points of Coffee Mug :
  • It reminds me my those happy, loving days of B.Tech life         :-) :-) :-)
  • To make me feel proud to be an owner of such a valued cup :P :P :P
  • Invoke me to enjoy coffee more n more...
  • last but not least----- remind me the intelligence of my room mate.
How much brain she has.. 'coz before buying this esteemed cup atleast this much brain she applied ki-
'yeh le leti hun appy ke kaam bhi aayegaa and fir jate-2 ek yaad bhi ho jaygi..'
('and' k baad waali line confirm nai hai but 'and' se pehle sab kuch ekdm confirm hai..)

now come to the main topic...
I have penned this article just to strengthens the bond of friendship b/w the two...which is immortal i.e.--
Loving friendship of CUP & COFFEE..
I pray Almighty to keep on blessing both of them like this only..
(so that i can enjoy more n more coffee like this and concentrate on my studies..) :P :P :P

I am sorry GOD 'coz abhi toh maine un dono ko alag kar diyaa hai. (coffee pee gayi, ab cup toh khaa nahi jati na.... :P :P :P)

Here I am leaving, back to studies.... :-) :-) :-)

P.S. - may be this post is a result of excessive workload on me :-) :P

P.P.S. - As we go about our busy schedule in life, we often forget that there is more along the way than just bills to pay, phone calls to attend to and return, and hundred errands to run, and let life carry us away on an endless road filled with many responsibilities. So, take some time out for yourself and pursue all your interests, for life is meant to be lived and enjoyed fully, each day in the best of ways. (these lines are taken frm ARCHIES bookmark.)

Friday, August 5, 2011


One who wants success in his undertaking should honour and consult the following :

A man of Experience;
A man of Knowledge;
A man of Wisdom;
A man of Virtue; and
A reliable friend.
P.S.- This quote has been taken from a great hindu epic 'MAHABHARATA'.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Long long ago...
there was a couple 
both were opposite
but made for each other.....

A day came
[By moon sign]
 Respect and Love...
 conquered each other..

An Angel came.....
A baby boy....
A parcel from the GOD
Wrapped in the cloth of Love

Lovely his gestures as lovely his name... :-)
This is how a baby boy came...... :-)

(my greetings to the parents of baby boy)

Hours passes....
Days passes.....
Months gone....
Years arrived...
Soon it turns into atwice decades....
A day arrive
I don't know him,
I haven't met with his GODS(Parents)
I have no idea what he is
But i know this..........
Circumstances change.....
Things change.....
 Life changes.....
 but what not change is.....

A never dying smile of Birthday Boy.....
The deep rooted innosence of  Birthday Boy.....(only known by his mother)
The love for his toys.....(nw exchanged with gadgets)
The punctuality of a Birthday Boy.....(School to Office)

                                                                            AAJ BHI....
He loves his maggie more than his phone talks.....
Use to sleep before 12 like he used to do at the age of 12
He is 24 but still do mistakes like 2+4

This is how life changes.....
Everything changes..... 
But what not change is....

 P.S.- This article is dedicated to 'Birthday Boy' :P :-) :P :-) :P

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A FRESH START..........

Hello Everybody...
I want to say something....
Please forgive me every body.. I am saying this cz due to many reasons i was not making up myself to feel the strength of myself n feel the love and affection everyone has given me..
when i was a kid i read a tag line written by Munshi Premchan"Misfortune Never Comes Alone." may be unknowingly i was more into that FATE-FORTUNE things..
I know at one phase of life it matters but it doesn't mean that each n every phase is the result of the fate...
So i have decided something...and i want to share this with u my loving readers..

1) Decided to forget al my past grudges with everyone..cz i knw ki neither i can change the past nor they r going to be a part of my future. !!!!! Then why should i take tension?.....

2) and haan insisted of sticking to ur past itz better to move on...cz at some phase of life i have to move on..and itz foolishness to wait for that 'Some' time.

3) My life is not only mine.. I am the hope of my family hw can i forget this thing for my own liking???

4) Instead of depending on someone itz better to step forward.Coz that 'someone' is also a part of his/her family.....

5)I love to be loved..so stay happy and spread happiness..!!!!

6)STOP TALKING ON PHONE...........i have read a book 'Who will cry when u die' by Robin.S.Sharma and frm there i have learnt that-'Itz not necessary to pick up the phone everytime it rings !!'.Now itz time to implement this in my life..

7)STOP SLEEPING UNNECESSARY  !!!!!!!!(bada hi kathin kaam hai mere liye bt i'll lessen my sleeping hours   :-) )

8)Exercise daily to saty fit......:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

9)Instead of wasting my time in 'faltoo kam' i decided to concentrate on the things which can help me in my future.

10)Stop blaming on my destiny...I know that at some phase of life each and every person is influenced by FATE-FORTUNE concept.but it doesn't mean that one should waste his/her beautiful present for the sake of his/her unpleasent past...

11)Stop being nostalgic all the time...I know that i am suffering frm disease named nostalgia but dis is not done in such a cute age of 21...after all itz the symbol of 40's......

12)I again fall in love with Arpita Sharma(myself) again.I know due to some reasons i forgot myself totally, may be i was busy in the inspection of others and fail to do introspection of mine...:-( 
but now onwards.. 'love everyone but never forget that at some stage u have to pay the price to yourself for all the tears that came into ur eyes.'

13)Itz lovely to be with friends those who can understand you and gives you right suggestions.......That's the one reason i find myself secure in my this small and never dying world usually famous as-BLOG.

14)Be consistent to the path you have choosen for you..Itz only you who can change your destiny..and remember always...Good things happen to the good people only.........    :-)

15) "If the path is beautiful, first confirm where it leads. But, if the destination is beautiful, don't bother how the path is....just move on...." itz a simple msg sent by my brother manas milind pratap singh....
although itz a message but gives a huge inspiration and optimism towards life and your goal...

P.S.- I know my this post seems to be a stupid activity from myside, but i can't explain anyone how much necessary it is for me to share all these things vd u frnz..I gather lotz n lotz of courage to post this feeling infront of my frnz cum counselors...I hope after reading this +ve feedbacks will be given to me..

I would like to share a video with you people..this is something very close to my heart and give real source of inspiration........
(I have seen this video first time at college auditorium by INFOSYS hr.)
 tkcr everyone..may GOD bless u all...


Thursday, April 14, 2011

divine guidance

QUES---What's the world's greatest lie?"

ANS--- "It's this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what's happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That's the world's greatest lie.

p.s.--  this is one of my favourite quotes from the novel 'THE ALCHEMIST'....to accomplish great things we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe... tkcr everybdy..may god bless u all..

Friday, April 1, 2011


Today 30th march...nice n lucky day 'coz today India won the cricket match against Pakistaan and finally stepped into final which will going to play against Srilanka on saturday 2nd april 2011.

My day was quite bright and spent with loads of smiles and happiness which fills new enthusiasm in my life and I found myself very lucky on this earth 'coz today I have seen so many smiling faces around me and they all were full of enthusiasm which showed me the new path to live my life and start a fresh again. A new ray of hope,a new morning,a new feel for love,new vision for everything which surrounds me and through which I can learn something.
Every thing going right but TIME Itz like a small baby you never know for what reason he started crying..In the same way time is u never know when it shows you the steepness of life. When it shows it's cruel face and something happens which shouldn't be. But time is stronger than anyone's feeling, anyone's emotion and that's why our forefather taught us....


Actually incident is very stupid but as everybody knows that girls r famous for their high pitch. So when any girl starts speking(kitni hi seedhi hi kyn naa ho) it's better to drink atleast a couple of glass of water before reacting.(especially when 2 girls have an argue over some matter).

Incident is 100 times funny than actual.

Hua yun........
I was planning to boil milk n pan was not clean. So I took the pan from Ankita(commonly known as jaiswaal-her surname). There are 3 packets of milk n her pan was of bit broad circumference so I poured 2 at a time n one afterwords. Earlier I went to her for d pan at dat time she was making tea and after that 2nd time when I went she was about to prepare her maggie. Then too she gave me her pan so that I can complete my work first. I was boiling the 3 packets of milk viz mine,poonam shruti as poonam and shruti were studying for their CT. So as I already mentioned that i poured 2 packets in pan and one was left. She came into my room n said-"ho gaya garam,kitni der hai?" I replied-"yaar bas ho gaya." At that time me n my roommate Poonam were there. Poonam also said to me-"Itni bhi kya jaldi hai". then i simply replied "yaar use bhi maggie khaani thi naa.." Then after boiling 2 packets i poured the third one.I just poured it into the pan n suddenly she came n again asked that-"hua garam ki nahi".I too get a bit irritated at that time.n i replied-"yaar ho to raha hai.kaise kar rahi ho main pan de jaungi na dho k."Then she went from my room in cranky mood. Again I started concentrating on the milk which is about to boil. Now something happend which is beyond my tolerance she came again and in scratchy tone she said-"yeh kya tareeka hota hai yhi karna hota hai to pehle bata dena chaiye tha naa,ab de do aisa karo mjhe bhi maggie khaani hai".I was shocked by her this behaviour.

but suddenly what happened to me i too don't know-I quickly stood up,took the pan n went to the washbaisin to wash the pan n at that time my anger was at summit. waise to I am a cool and calm girl but whenever anger crubed me I transformed into the girl to whom infact I myself don't want to talk to. I know this is the bad side of me then too I feel myself helpless to fight against my anger. I washed her pan and shouting in corridor -"yeh koi ghar thode hi hai.hostel hai to better hai yahaan pe yeh sab mat kiya karo n mjhse to bilkul bhi nahi." And then I went to her room n said-"yeh lo apna pan.ab mat dena.n yeh koi tareeka nai hota hai."

she said in very high pitch-"yeh tm kis tereh se bol rai ho.ek to maine tmhe apna pan diya.mat lena."
then i said-"jaiswal main koi wahan pe apna kaam nai kar rai thi ya tmhe koi jaanboojh k pan nai waps kar rai thi vo to poonam n shruti ka kal CT hai to bas unka bhi doodh garam ho raha tha.theek hai. do hi min main kuch hua nai jaa raha tha ki tmne itni jaldi macha di n dn apna reaction dekha tha?"

I said n came back to my room where Poonam n Onu(Anupma) were already there.just a min has passed n jaiswaal came to my room n was clearing to poonam with this issue. This is somewhat which pinched me alot. I started shouting-"If anyone wants to talk then please leave the room 'coz yeh mera room hai.n jo bhi baat karni ho room k bahar ja k karo". Agian jaiswaal said something in high pitch which irritated me again. And finally jaiswaal said-"Appy yaar dekho tmhari bhi koi galti nahi n mjhe bahaut bhook lagi thi. n tmhe bhi doodh garam karna tha.bas ham dono hi nai samajh paaye.But as I told earlier that anger is my weekness so I replied "Galti tmhari nai thi galti meri thi jo maine tmse pan manga.and sach bolun to dusre ka kaam karna hi nai chaiye,karo bhi n sabki suno bhi.but u don't worry ab hoga hi nai aage aisa." then she replied "aise kyn bol rai ho yaar tm itne saal ki dosti bas ek ladayi main hi tod dogi? waise bhi ab time hi kitana bacha hai bas 2 months."

I replied "mjhe nai farak padta.waise bhi main zada bolti nai kisi se but mjhe ye sab nai pasand." she tried to convince me but i refused again and again. I know this is the worst quality one can posess ki not listening what other is saying. Finally the conversation ended and she failed in her attempt to make me convinced.

Time passes.Finally at 2 i went to my bed n tried a lot to sleep but failed. I remember that at 4 I slept. During this 2 hours i judge myself that at times how much rude I am. I behave in such a manner which i shouldn't be. I never realise the importance of person. I never realises how much other person hurt by my behaviour.

All I want to say is that ki I have written this article so that i can apologize from my side infront of my readers who are there to judge me and guide me in the best way.


P.S.---I know that I am not a very good girl but I know that I am not this much nalayak ki I fail to accept my faults. Ankita and every one who reads this article I AM SORRY for my ill behaviour. And I am saying SORRY from my deep core. Dear ones PLEASE forgive me.

P.P.S.--- In evenining I talked to her.Everything is fine now n the friendship we shared strengthes with this course of time.she gave me 2 toffees,she cried a bit and i felt myself like a culprit.But every thing is very good now.We again do "mitthhi" vd each other.That is what frienship is--An Incredible Relation.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Providential LOVE of-----A 'n' K

A convivial evening. An evening which simply reflects the glimpse of lives, bond of love, respect. A sensation which is beyond words and also having relaxed feelings of life mingled up with many duties, flavoured up with many excitements.

In Lakshman Park, near durga temple children are playing. The feeling of innocence unknowingly reflects from their faces which makes the surrounding much pious. Two sisters are busy in sharing their thoughts with each other and they are there with their mother. Suddenly their mother says to them---RITUJA and AVANI, today we would go to MR.SHARMA’S house so be ready by 6 o’clock. “Yes mom, we will”-replied RITUJA the elder of the two sisters. She is working with WIPRO earning 6-lakhs/annum and AVANI is pursuing B.Tech from renowned college.

RITUJA is a smart, self confident girl. She is very straight forward and sometimes hard like a rock but her nature is just an example of pious coconut which is hard from out shell but sweet and really very soft by inner soul. She is very caring for her younger sister AVANI. She loves her a lot.                                                              

On contrary AVANI- A girl who is basically calm in nature, a deep thinker, not exactly but a bit philosophical, a girl who usually never blames anyone. A girl who has deep desire for her future. She never expresses her real inner self – as she realizes that no one is there to listen her. She never shares her endless emotions with anyone as she has not yet found such a person. She never discloses her deep secrets which simply depicts what according to humanity is. Because she is still in search of that type of person who simply gives moral support to her. A kind of a person who doesn’t play the role of a master but a counselor, who makes everything as smooth and pure like a running Ganges. His touch should simply reflect the glimpse of care and affection. He would be caring and trustworthy ‘coz AVANI is a kind of a girl who is far beyond the word LUST. She doesn’t want herself to be knotted in anything which is beyond human empowerment means appreciably no demarcation between men and women, still her thoughts are itself the sign of INDIAN MYTHOLOGY.

Now it’s already 5:30, and both RITUJA and AVANI are in their room. They are about to be ready “It was a wonderful dinner, isn’t it?” AVANI asked while returning. Mr.VIJAYENDRA, his father nodded his head in affirmation and after returning to home everyone went to bed.

p.s.-This story is my first creation when i was in second year.I wrote this for ENIGMA'08 (our college tech fest).And read its 2nd part for the college life of Avani.How she met with her true love?thier college routine and many more..

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hey pals,listen to the rain
The blowing wind, the thunder, the storm.
See, that is the place where sun rises.
Hey my little brother itz obviously an EAST!!!
Listen dear…….
Listen to mountain….
The never dying fresh smiles of clouds….
They are fresh….
Reflection of queen of peace...Searching for the place where it can take some rest…..
Always in peace…
Queen asks to GOD..
O’ FATHER here YOURS residence…..
But what about the fakeness it’s also in ur family(known by human beings as a universe!)
Are they guest in your universe?….
Are they ?
Again n again she asked about that question…..
Life so tough..
I m there to make people happy and relaxed....
they refused to accept me....
I said 'I am GOD'S daughter'.
they replied 'WHOSE'?
there r 4 main sections in which GOD'S are divided...
Whose your father?
She simply smiled and said----
"I don't belive that my father has this much power to divide himself into 4 parts."
you people are lucky that you love and praise my FATHER quadruplet.
I will rest in your heart.
I will rest in your mind.
pampers you.


You understand the truth ------
All 4 are the identities of my one Father,not unique but uniquely understood......

p.s.---this article is very close to my heart 'cz before posting it m in a dilemma whether it make any sense or not and i was not able to complete it jab main ise likh rahi thi....
but finally itz all infront of u my loving readers..

Tribute To Life

dear Lord ! shower your blessings upon us. 

Times slips too fast to catch.
Tomorrow-soon it will be a next a year.
We fail to see your presence,your existence.
We are so much occupied with the surroundings.
With what a person next to us responds.
With upshots in life,with the surroundings.
We walk in hassle.we talk in hurry.
We see only only a few things in our life.
That 'few' gradually becomes oneself.
We are busy with our prioities
Busy with our never dying moods.
We never fail to judge peoples but
Fail to understand them.
We find the solutions in questions but
Never realizes-that question is itself an answer.
For us life is too short.
but fail to understand life never shortens with the course of time.
Life never dies.
We count on fingers,uses our brain.
Heart is saying 'use me'.
But for us it is a 'tag line' of dustbin.

Oh Lord ! some one just told me that you exist..........
I asked how ,they fail to answer.
Oh Lord !.....
You said glass is half full but we discover glass is half empty.
You said 'Love', we discover some of them.
You said 'Challenge', we discover failures.
You said 'Happiness', we discover 'for how long?'
You said 'I am with you', we discover destiny.
You said 'Have patience', we discover tears.
You said 'Optimism', we discover luck.
Oh Lord !

I prayed once----lord please make me different....
He pampers-you are similar to every next person sitting to you but
have some qualities.not uniue but uniquely understood....
I replied-----hmmmmmm...

Life is not what we see, it's what we percieve.
I may not be the person of your choice but I may be of your some use.
I may not look so pretty but i love myself alot.
and I always pray to God please be with me 'hamesha'.
I promise to love You, your nature,your people,
your surroundings,your decisions,your existence within me.
I Love You hamesha......
                                                                          ARPITA SHARMA
p.s.----12 march, it's my b'day 2day.I want to share a fact that this article i have denoted to the children of orphanage CHILDREN'S NATIONAL INSTITUTE of Allahabd. I visited to them today with my roommate.And to read more you must read my next article 12 march 1990.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meri Roomy

25 most used sentences by my room-mate.

1-APPYYYYY(my nick name)
2-APPUUUU(my another nick name)
3-Mar denege mar jaaogi.(when she's irritated by my talks.)
4-Kaat ke phenk denge.(As above)
5-Psyco lag rai hai.he he ha ha ha..
6-Paani.. (bechari pyaasi aatma)
7-Khana khane chalen??
8-(at dinner time when we use to gather to go to have food together.)Main jaa rai hun...tm yahin rehnaaa...!!! Chalo Shruti!!!
9-Ankur Pyaaraaaa...
10-Aaj gaurav aur shruti ki bahaut li gayi college main...
11-Aaj gaurav ki bahaut li gayi college main...
12-************************************-sorry readers dis content can't be written here...
13-he he he he ha ha ha ha ha
14-Geeta aur Ajeet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15-Hostel ke logon se dukhi bechari meri roomy kabhi kabhi to----ye koi baat nhe hoti hai....
16- Kaajal
17-I just love this song...
18-Tm gawaar ho ekdm....
20-Facebook-ye ek aisa word hai jo bechaari sapne main bhi bolti hai...
21-usually i prepare maggie..mjhe thodi gili maggie pasand hai aur use suki...this is the reaction after seeing the maggie-----PHIR SE PAANI??????
22-Agli baar se maggie main banaungi--(aaj tak muhurat nai aaya to kya hua bt kehti to hai kam hai kya)
23-In winters--appy heater(jab heater ka wire nikal jata hai)
24-Agr jaldi so jaye dn----appy light band kar dun???tm man ki aankhon se padh lena...
25-WOOFER.....(she's in a habit of listenning fast and rocking songs dat too zor zor se baja k..)

p.s.--we guys are roommates from first year and we are lucky cz ham hi dono first yr se aaj final yr tak roommates hain...we are very good friends first and then roommates.we are compatible with each other at every pahse of our daily routine either itz secret sharing or huge fight...love u dear...take care hamesha...
may god bless u my dear...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Is God ?


these are some videos from GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH site.I hope you may all like it and come to know more about GOD.He's within us,omnipotent.

my thought-----I think GOD can give us only 4 things-peace, purity, love & energy. Our family, friends, teachers, science, arts,everything and everyone with whom we met are the different different faces of all these 4 things.

p.s.---I pray to almighty that bless every one in this world, I don't have any explanation to YOU(GOD) why? but bless every one with your powers.


I am not saying that-
I'll not cry.

I am not saying that-
I'll not blame to GOD.

I am not saying that-
I'll not make my self more aloof.

I am not saying that-
I find it as the end of my dreams.

I am not saying that-
I'll not find myself guilty that i have never met with an expectations of my family.

I am not saying that-
I'll not think that i have wasted my 4 years of career.

I am not saying that-
I'll not think that am a most unlucky person on this earth.


I will also say that----

I love my family members most.
I love to be loved although I am a failure.
I again try for my dreams.
I know somewhere HE(GOD) is listening to my prayers.
I know it's a lack of my preperation.
I again dream.
I again longed for my dreams.
I again madly sought after my childhood dream.
I again make flying aeroplanes.
I dream big  & aim high.
I am not that much bad looking girl so that i condemn myself badly.
I talk to myself.
I am not the person who has faced all the problems.There are many more who faced worse than me still they are happy and keep on trying--then why shouldn't I ?

p.s.--"life is all about moving towards the fututre with full speed , without looking back" - SHAH RUKH KHAN.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

"2010 Of Mine"

2010 is about to go.I am sitting alone,busy watching the rain outside the window pane and feel the freshness of memorable december.I must say 2010 bought a drastic change in every one's life according to their situations.Everybody had learned something from this year.

I have learnt many things------

JANUARY-This is the year which taught me the value of love. One must be in the moment in which he is,else when you realises it will be too late.

FEBRUARY-I realise what's the result of slow and steady preperation. What's the importance of putting your
heart and soul to your aim.

MARCH-The result of hard work always pays alot. Again feel the existence of myself on this lively planet.

APRIL-God does everything for good & destiny plays a strong role in one's life.

MAY-The parting ceremony arrives. Wet eyes,half hearted but still happy 'coz 'khush-hun'.

JUNE-The most memorable trip to 'vindhyachal'. Quite hectic but amongst my choicest moments.

JULY-Finally registered for final year.

AUGUST-Drastic change made by college students to college infrastructure but lost someone!:( + received my training certificate from I.I.T. Kanpur.

SEPTEMBER-Enjoyed my most 'PSYCO' friend's b'day. ha ha ha ha ha ha.........

OCTOBER-Life teaches me the value of it's own.There's some one who rules the whole universe.

NOVEMBER-Happy to be with my family members and learned how to face the situations.

DECEMBER-SEM!!+memories of my past.Love to be the part of this incredible planet.

                                             my eyes are wet, heart is filled.
                                             it's raining inside and outside.
                                             air is fresh cold and calm.
                                      loving gestures of life seems to be rude.
                               walking alone with myself only and finally saying----

aankhon main umeedon ke kuch ho sapne,aanchal naman ka ho tan-man pe apne,
raatein ho gehri to kya...aata hai aakhir ek din naya!!!!!

p.s.--I have written this article on 31st dec 2010. I would like to share my year with you readers. I really thankful to GOD that He has blessed me with such a nice family members,friends,country,world. Life is adorable it's in a real sense our GOD,TEACHER,FRIEND,COUNSELOR, everything.