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Friday, April 1, 2011


Today 30th march...nice n lucky day 'coz today India won the cricket match against Pakistaan and finally stepped into final which will going to play against Srilanka on saturday 2nd april 2011.

My day was quite bright and spent with loads of smiles and happiness which fills new enthusiasm in my life and I found myself very lucky on this earth 'coz today I have seen so many smiling faces around me and they all were full of enthusiasm which showed me the new path to live my life and start a fresh again. A new ray of hope,a new morning,a new feel for love,new vision for everything which surrounds me and through which I can learn something.
Every thing going right but TIME Itz like a small baby you never know for what reason he started crying..In the same way time is u never know when it shows you the steepness of life. When it shows it's cruel face and something happens which shouldn't be. But time is stronger than anyone's feeling, anyone's emotion and that's why our forefather taught us....


Actually incident is very stupid but as everybody knows that girls r famous for their high pitch. So when any girl starts speking(kitni hi seedhi hi kyn naa ho) it's better to drink atleast a couple of glass of water before reacting.(especially when 2 girls have an argue over some matter).

Incident is 100 times funny than actual.

Hua yun........
I was planning to boil milk n pan was not clean. So I took the pan from Ankita(commonly known as jaiswaal-her surname). There are 3 packets of milk n her pan was of bit broad circumference so I poured 2 at a time n one afterwords. Earlier I went to her for d pan at dat time she was making tea and after that 2nd time when I went she was about to prepare her maggie. Then too she gave me her pan so that I can complete my work first. I was boiling the 3 packets of milk viz mine,poonam shruti as poonam and shruti were studying for their CT. So as I already mentioned that i poured 2 packets in pan and one was left. She came into my room n said-"ho gaya garam,kitni der hai?" I replied-"yaar bas ho gaya." At that time me n my roommate Poonam were there. Poonam also said to me-"Itni bhi kya jaldi hai". then i simply replied "yaar use bhi maggie khaani thi naa.." Then after boiling 2 packets i poured the third one.I just poured it into the pan n suddenly she came n again asked that-"hua garam ki nahi".I too get a bit irritated at that time.n i replied-"yaar ho to raha hai.kaise kar rahi ho main pan de jaungi na dho k."Then she went from my room in cranky mood. Again I started concentrating on the milk which is about to boil. Now something happend which is beyond my tolerance she came again and in scratchy tone she said-"yeh kya tareeka hota hai yhi karna hota hai to pehle bata dena chaiye tha naa,ab de do aisa karo mjhe bhi maggie khaani hai".I was shocked by her this behaviour.

but suddenly what happened to me i too don't know-I quickly stood up,took the pan n went to the washbaisin to wash the pan n at that time my anger was at summit. waise to I am a cool and calm girl but whenever anger crubed me I transformed into the girl to whom infact I myself don't want to talk to. I know this is the bad side of me then too I feel myself helpless to fight against my anger. I washed her pan and shouting in corridor -"yeh koi ghar thode hi hai.hostel hai to better hai yahaan pe yeh sab mat kiya karo n mjhse to bilkul bhi nahi." And then I went to her room n said-"yeh lo apna pan.ab mat dena.n yeh koi tareeka nai hota hai."

she said in very high pitch-"yeh tm kis tereh se bol rai ho.ek to maine tmhe apna pan diya.mat lena."
then i said-"jaiswal main koi wahan pe apna kaam nai kar rai thi ya tmhe koi jaanboojh k pan nai waps kar rai thi vo to poonam n shruti ka kal CT hai to bas unka bhi doodh garam ho raha tha.theek hai. do hi min main kuch hua nai jaa raha tha ki tmne itni jaldi macha di n dn apna reaction dekha tha?"

I said n came back to my room where Poonam n Onu(Anupma) were already there.just a min has passed n jaiswaal came to my room n was clearing to poonam with this issue. This is somewhat which pinched me alot. I started shouting-"If anyone wants to talk then please leave the room 'coz yeh mera room hai.n jo bhi baat karni ho room k bahar ja k karo". Agian jaiswaal said something in high pitch which irritated me again. And finally jaiswaal said-"Appy yaar dekho tmhari bhi koi galti nahi n mjhe bahaut bhook lagi thi. n tmhe bhi doodh garam karna tha.bas ham dono hi nai samajh paaye.But as I told earlier that anger is my weekness so I replied "Galti tmhari nai thi galti meri thi jo maine tmse pan manga.and sach bolun to dusre ka kaam karna hi nai chaiye,karo bhi n sabki suno bhi.but u don't worry ab hoga hi nai aage aisa." then she replied "aise kyn bol rai ho yaar tm itne saal ki dosti bas ek ladayi main hi tod dogi? waise bhi ab time hi kitana bacha hai bas 2 months."

I replied "mjhe nai farak padta.waise bhi main zada bolti nai kisi se but mjhe ye sab nai pasand." she tried to convince me but i refused again and again. I know this is the worst quality one can posess ki not listening what other is saying. Finally the conversation ended and she failed in her attempt to make me convinced.

Time passes.Finally at 2 i went to my bed n tried a lot to sleep but failed. I remember that at 4 I slept. During this 2 hours i judge myself that at times how much rude I am. I behave in such a manner which i shouldn't be. I never realise the importance of person. I never realises how much other person hurt by my behaviour.

All I want to say is that ki I have written this article so that i can apologize from my side infront of my readers who are there to judge me and guide me in the best way.


P.S.---I know that I am not a very good girl but I know that I am not this much nalayak ki I fail to accept my faults. Ankita and every one who reads this article I AM SORRY for my ill behaviour. And I am saying SORRY from my deep core. Dear ones PLEASE forgive me.

P.P.S.--- In evenining I talked to her.Everything is fine now n the friendship we shared strengthes with this course of time.she gave me 2 toffees,she cried a bit and i felt myself like a culprit.But every thing is very good now.We again do "mitthhi" vd each other.That is what frienship is--An Incredible Relation.


  1. Apology letter... itna bada(not that I bother to read :P).. wo bhi public domain mein !!!

  2. nice and sweet....!!!!!
    but itni si ladai ke liye itni badi apology...
    starting mein mujhe laga ki koi world war shuru ho gaya hoga isliye itni badi post likhi hai..!!!
    :P :P :P

  3. @deepak: maaf kar do yahi bht hai...padho mat koi nai...it's better to read P.S. & P.P.S.

  4. @Dhawal:arey nai yaar ladai thi to choti bt agr tm live telecast dekhte to dar jaate....she is my very good frn...n ab to jaane ka tme hai na...:p:p
    tkcr,God bless you..