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Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I am still confused how to start writing again which i have stopped in 2011. Last post was given by me was in 2011, Aug, 9th.And 25th December 2013 it is.. n i have jus decided to write again. may be its just a random thought came into my mind but yaa i have decided..
The story i am gonna narrate in front of you all  you is real..

It was 2010 when i came across the book named The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. From that day i wish to buy that book from the core of my heart. but failed because of its price but yaa i don't know whenever any book of the series of Rhonda Byrne came in front of me in any mode i just wish i could buy it someday.. days passed, months passed, years passed n finally one day i was just passing my time on Facebook when i came across the event named https://www.facebook.com/LivingTheSecret
i just simply go through it but not at all taken it seriously... then after the writer and the owner of event Mohit Tahiliani changed the name of event as  - "Send me your email-id's to get Free GiveAways The Best Books on Law of Attraction." I still not too much serious about what was happening coz i never thought that somebody can created d exact event what i was longing from 2010... again Mohit mailed many of us for confirming our respective mail id's still i was not at all sure about this then after the day came, Dec 24th 2013 the Christmas Eve when i got a mail from Mohit Tahiliani which stated

Hello Beautiful People,
Merry Christmas to all of you. On behalf of Living the Secret, I wish you all a Christmas full of joy, love, happiness :)
Here is your 1st Christmas gift. PFA "The Secret" book.
You will get your remaining books soon. :) Keep celebrating till then. Good Bye.
Mohit Tahiliani
"Living the Secret"

and i was shocked !!!!! It happens in real.. :) and then again one mail which contains the set of 3 E-books- "The Magic, The Hero, Science of getting Rich & Master Key System" .
 i was so happy after seeing his mail.. n then i came to know the truth if u truely wish anything then it will turned into reality for sure. :) thanks Mohit Tahiliani for becoming the Santa of my life (2013) :) 

P.S.- This post is just the restart of my writing n d gratitude towards the one who fulfills my dream. all i could say is never fail to show your feelings to someone if someway they have affected your life in anyway :)