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hello every1... I am Arpita Sharma, frnz use to call me avani.Brief intro of mine is here ;);) writer by choice, engineer by destiny, philanthropist by nature bt narcissist by habit :P ;) photographer in my never dying dreams ;) ;) damn talkative bt still unknown to known people... :) :) In a nut shell u can defined me as- Far From The 'MOODY CROWD', Anyway Its A Mad Mad Mad World.....


Saturday, October 18, 2014


A part of me wants an Answer,
but a part of me
doesn't want to know.
A part of me 
wants to keep holding on
a part of me 
wants to let you go.
Things may change,
People may change,
Seasons may change,
Colours may change,
What will remain in my heart is-
Another Me, Who is YOU!!!!!!