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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A FRESH START..........

Hello Everybody...
I want to say something....
Please forgive me every body.. I am saying this cz due to many reasons i was not making up myself to feel the strength of myself n feel the love and affection everyone has given me..
when i was a kid i read a tag line written by Munshi Premchan"Misfortune Never Comes Alone." may be unknowingly i was more into that FATE-FORTUNE things..
I know at one phase of life it matters but it doesn't mean that each n every phase is the result of the fate...
So i have decided something...and i want to share this with u my loving readers..

1) Decided to forget al my past grudges with everyone..cz i knw ki neither i can change the past nor they r going to be a part of my future. !!!!! Then why should i take tension?.....

2) and haan insisted of sticking to ur past itz better to move on...cz at some phase of life i have to move on..and itz foolishness to wait for that 'Some' time.

3) My life is not only mine.. I am the hope of my family hw can i forget this thing for my own liking???

4) Instead of depending on someone itz better to step forward.Coz that 'someone' is also a part of his/her family.....

5)I love to be loved..so stay happy and spread happiness..!!!!

6)STOP TALKING ON PHONE...........i have read a book 'Who will cry when u die' by Robin.S.Sharma and frm there i have learnt that-'Itz not necessary to pick up the phone everytime it rings !!'.Now itz time to implement this in my life..

7)STOP SLEEPING UNNECESSARY  !!!!!!!!(bada hi kathin kaam hai mere liye bt i'll lessen my sleeping hours   :-) )

8)Exercise daily to saty fit......:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

9)Instead of wasting my time in 'faltoo kam' i decided to concentrate on the things which can help me in my future.

10)Stop blaming on my destiny...I know that at some phase of life each and every person is influenced by FATE-FORTUNE concept.but it doesn't mean that one should waste his/her beautiful present for the sake of his/her unpleasent past...

11)Stop being nostalgic all the time...I know that i am suffering frm disease named nostalgia but dis is not done in such a cute age of 21...after all itz the symbol of 40's......

12)I again fall in love with Arpita Sharma(myself) again.I know due to some reasons i forgot myself totally, may be i was busy in the inspection of others and fail to do introspection of mine...:-( 
but now onwards.. 'love everyone but never forget that at some stage u have to pay the price to yourself for all the tears that came into ur eyes.'

13)Itz lovely to be with friends those who can understand you and gives you right suggestions.......That's the one reason i find myself secure in my this small and never dying world usually famous as-BLOG.

14)Be consistent to the path you have choosen for you..Itz only you who can change your destiny..and remember always...Good things happen to the good people only.........    :-)

15) "If the path is beautiful, first confirm where it leads. But, if the destination is beautiful, don't bother how the path is....just move on...." itz a simple msg sent by my brother manas milind pratap singh....
although itz a message but gives a huge inspiration and optimism towards life and your goal...

P.S.- I know my this post seems to be a stupid activity from myside, but i can't explain anyone how much necessary it is for me to share all these things vd u frnz..I gather lotz n lotz of courage to post this feeling infront of my frnz cum counselors...I hope after reading this +ve feedbacks will be given to me..

I would like to share a video with you people..this is something very close to my heart and give real source of inspiration........
(I have seen this video first time at college auditorium by INFOSYS hr.)
 tkcr everyone..may GOD bless u all...



  1. wel.. getting u..nd m very sure watever u hv decided..wud be the best fr u.. never evr leave dis attitude dt comes to u.. nd wanna say only one thing... "GO AHEAD"...
    Luv ur post.... keep it up.. :)

  2. सकारात्मक सोच अति आवश्यक है
    God bless u too - शुभ आशीष

  3. @poonam: Thanks roomy...and this time i promise that i fulfill the dreams and desires of everyone..thanks a million fr the support,
    may God bless u...tkcr..

  4. @rakesh Kaushik: Thank u sir, thanks fr the motivational comment...
    I am obliged to receive such a nice comment frm u...
    may God bless u..

  5. well.. nice thoughts...!!! IT takes different people a long time to realize that "Life is not some bloody hindi movie and we need to be practical"...
    .. but the problem is that it turns out quite hard to implement these things...

  6. @dhawal: very true.... but atleast one can make effort to fight against the loopholes he has done...so itz just a step taken by me to fight against my mistakes..
    tkcr, and God bless u..

  7. This video is shown to us when i came to college for GD and PI. Now, the college is about to end, it reminds me of the day i joined.hehehe

    BTW, nice post. Some very good points and i am fully agreed like the very 1st point,we must forgive everybody because whether we forgive them or not , literally we are not doing anything to them, it is our own loss of time and health. Keep up the good work

  8. @Rachit Aggarwal : thanks rachit fr million doller comment.. :) :) this article is dedicated to the every college going guy/girl... college life is really the 'HAPPY DAYS' of our life.. preserve that memories in ur heart nd keep moving with +ve strength.. tkcr
    May GOD bless u..