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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am not saying that-
I'll not cry.

I am not saying that-
I'll not blame to GOD.

I am not saying that-
I'll not make my self more aloof.

I am not saying that-
I find it as the end of my dreams.

I am not saying that-
I'll not find myself guilty that i have never met with an expectations of my family.

I am not saying that-
I'll not think that i have wasted my 4 years of career.

I am not saying that-
I'll not think that am a most unlucky person on this earth.


I will also say that----

I love my family members most.
I love to be loved although I am a failure.
I again try for my dreams.
I know somewhere HE(GOD) is listening to my prayers.
I know it's a lack of my preperation.
I again dream.
I again longed for my dreams.
I again madly sought after my childhood dream.
I again make flying aeroplanes.
I dream big  & aim high.
I am not that much bad looking girl so that i condemn myself badly.
I talk to myself.
I am not the person who has faced all the problems.There are many more who faced worse than me still they are happy and keep on trying--then why shouldn't I ?

p.s.--"life is all about moving towards the fututre with full speed , without looking back" - SHAH RUKH KHAN.


  1. @chirag:thanks a lot dear for such a nice comment....

  2. noce poem yaar...!!! inspiring new hopes into everything..!!

  3. @dhawal:thanks a lot dear.....
    dis time I want my self to be more optimistic so that i can give my readers +ve energy...

  4. @sanjeev:thanks sanjeev for reading this article..
    I hope it might help u in some way..
    GOD bless u..

  5. nice one...very true...jab kabhi bhi hum problem me hote hai to lagta hai ki hum... we r the only guy, but there are so many ppl who have to face more than of us..but they face it wid :)........keep it up..:)

  6. @ anoop: yes dear, u r right....instead of crying over our destiny itz better to thank God fr all He has given to us...
    thanks fr such a motivating comment...
    tkcr may God bless u always..