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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Who Is God ?


these are some videos from GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH site.I hope you may all like it and come to know more about GOD.He's within us,omnipotent.

my thought-----I think GOD can give us only 4 things-peace, purity, love & energy. Our family, friends, teachers, science, arts,everything and everyone with whom we met are the different different faces of all these 4 things.

p.s.---I pray to almighty that bless every one in this world, I don't have any explanation to YOU(GOD) why? but bless every one with your powers.


  1. god is in us and yes they are the almighty
    who always gives us the right path to move on

  2. @chirag: very true dear....u said d truth....
    may God bless u alwaz...tkcr...

  3. wonderful....
    the simple fact is that we don't know whether god exists or not but we are not knowledgeable enough to comment on it...!!! So. let the belief lead our way..!!

  4. @dhawal:ya very true dear.....instead of beleivng in any one religion itz better to believe in science, in arts, in poems, in nature, in philosophy, in love....
    that's all...a perfect ingredients which makes the reciepe named GOD!